Monday, October 31, 2011

We All Are... Unstrapped Boots

If you want give your fancy black dress a punk twist, wear it with unstrapped black boots! This is actually a good mixture of mess and casual elegance. And for a final touch, animal print scarf. Well done girl!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We All Are... Adidas Skater

This guy looks as take out form an Adidas comercial. When I look at this image it gives me a sense of freedom of wearing what you want the way you wnat it. Dont be afraid to use colors! or to beassimetrical when dressing up! just have fun doing it.

We All Are... Black and Yellow

Simple, fun and elegant. I found this woman walking through La Pedrera in Paseo de Gracia. Her clothes popped out amongst all the other people walking on the street arround her. This color choice will always make people turn their heads on you. She wore them well by using the colors in a minimalist style.

Friday, October 28, 2011

We All Are... Bow Tie & Blue Stripes

What a good looking young man! His name is Martin and we have been friends for some time now. I met him one afternoon in Plaza Cataluña and just couldn't resist to take a photo of him for the blog. I just love seeing a men dressed like this, that classy daywear bow tie combined with this casual striped knit. He really knows how to rock it!

We All Are... Alter- Prints

This girl... VERY interesting. What I like the most about her is the combo of wraps in her head and neck, plus sunglasses. It is all about prints; try matching different kinds of prints in different colors and see what you can get.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We All Are... Love NY

Eventhough we are not in NYC, lets admit we all LOVE New York, and I personally love this guy's attitutde, shirt, shoes, and the whole combination of it! 
Don't know where he is from but his style is pretty much reminding me of the big apple. Oh! and look, he's even eating an apple! 

Few times I have seen someting as complete as this. I can only say I am very happy to have encoutered him in the streets of Barcelona.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We All Are...Swedish Style

I never think we talk about where this blog is coming from..."We all Are" was originally created for a school project. We are Fashion Marketing & Communication students at IED Barcelona. You can´t imagine how many cool and well dressed people are entering in the doors of our school every morning...
Here we have a clear example...Her name is Daniella, and we loved the outfit she was wearing this morning...Basic black and grey combination, but yet very classy with this amazing necklace.
If you liked her style you can see more in her blog, HERE!

We All Are...Blue Shoes

We stopped this guy in the middle of Plaza Cataluña...He was so not in the mood to be photograph...but we finally convince him to pose for "We All Are".
He pulled out a very basic outfit, combining just a pair of jeans, a grey T-shirt and these blue eye catching shoes!

We All Are... Rocking Bicing

Too bad summer is already over!.. I caught a photo of this guy some days ago, when Barcelona was still warm enough to walk the streets in shorts, just as this. What we love about this outfit (apart from the color block combination and shoes) is the clean, european summer style. This guy really knows how to rock it; and let me tell you, the bike it totaly a plus!

Monday, October 24, 2011

We All Are...Yellow Ballerinas

What do I love about Barcelona? Probably that it is sunny almost everyday of the year...
This woman was standing with her iPhone in Paseo de Gracia when we asked to take a photo of her while she keeps doing whatever she was doing...
The most important things in this look are the details...and the way she combined the yellow ballerinas with the yellow belt. What do you guys think?


We All Are...Stylish Couple

I love hanging out in Barrio de Gracia in can always get very inspired by the people there! The other day we shoot this gorgeous couple...I like how the guy put together his the simplicity of a white shirt combined with a grey cardigan....and what about the skinny jeans? Looking great huh? 


We All Are...Bling Bling pants

Would you wear sequins during daytime? Guess what...this girl made it happen...and it worked good!
Just by throwing some effortless items, she created a comfy and sort of punk look even while wearing this pair of sequins pants! We love the total black combined with the multicolor jacket...


Friday, October 21, 2011

We All Are...Military Green

This is Angela, and her never ending sense of style.
Few days ago Angela and myself went out coolhuntig, when it suddenly seem a GREAT idea to take a picture of her. That military green jacket has allways made me go crazy! and of course, as it is to expect, it is perfectly well combined with an all black and very casual outfit. 
You can see more of Angela's style at F A S H I O N B I T , I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We All Are... Young and Fun

Walking down Paseo de Gracia we couldn't stop noticing this young guy with great style! Neutral dark colors in a relaxed, casual outfit are perfect for a walk downtown. I would also like to pint out his shoe laces worn in black and white, and the way he wears socks. How amazing is this kid!

We All Are...Matchy,Matchy

Mactchy Matchy...but in a good way, don´t get me wrong! I love the way she put together this outfit. Red as a main color, accessorizing it with a fabulous necklace and a big smile, these elements are just the perfect combination for an early fall outfit. You can just tell by the photos!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We All Are...WELCOME!!

Hello Guys and WELCOME to "We All Are"a Barcelona based fashion street style blog capturing the daily style and mood of people on the street. We are Angela and Manuela, two Fashion Marketing & Communication students looking for inspiration, great style and attitudes.
We were street style hunting in the Ramblas when a tall and stylish guy passed by. We couldn´t hesitate to ask him for a quick photo for the blog. He was more than happy to pose for us. His outfit was perfect for a nice and sunny day in the city.